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  • Selling FAQs?

    How do I contact Sellers?

    Register your company in website. You can view sellers in Business Directory or Product option. Send your Inquiry and contact them. Also visit Tread Leads section and contact relevent sellers by sending inquiry.


    What are Selling Leads?

    Selling Leads can be described as a Trade Offer or an Advertisement posted by a seller that is aimed at attracting Business Enquiries from the potential buyers. The members can post Selling Leads in order to achieve channelized enquiries as well as business growth.


    How to contact Buyers?

    You can search for the potential buyers through the Buy Offers and Trade Leads segments. Added to that, you can also go through a Buyers & Importers Search in so as to look for buyers.


    How to send message to Sellers?

    Goto Business Directory, Product or Tread Leads section and select relevent product or seller. click on Send Inquiry and send your message to them.


    How to post Selling Leads?

    Members can Post Selling Leads through their respective accounts by adding New Trade Leads through the ‘My Trade Leads’ section. Click on ‘Add New Trade Leads’ and follow the instruction to post your Selling Leads.


    How to Edit / Delete Selling Leads?

    Visit the ‘My Trade Leads’ section and click on the Delete Trade Leads button to remove your Selling Leads. The editing of Selling Leads can also be done from the same section.


    How to find Buyers from specific region?

    You can conduct region-specific search for a Buyer by specifying the name of the country or region in the search bars. Further, you can also use the ‘Browse By Country’ option for region-specific search.


    How to find Buyers Directory?

    Go to Tread Leads section and click on Buying Leads. You will get Buyers information and their compnay details.


  • Buying FAQs?


    What are Buying Leads?

    Buying Leads are purchase requests for any specific product or a service, which are posted on a web page by the potential buyers. Saving the time and energy of the buyers, the Buying Leads help them find the right supplier for their specific needs.


    How to contact suppliers?

    You can either search for your specific requirement or may browse the products and suppliers. Once you zero down on the product that matches your specific requirements, you can click the ‘Send Inquiry’ link and get in touch with the supplier via a SMS or a free call.


    How to send message to supplier?

    After you have selected a company from the page that highlights the search results, you can click on the ‘Send Inquiry’ button, given at the top of the company listing, in order to get access to a box where you can type your message. Once you are done typing, click ‘Send Inquiry’ again and your message would be delivered.


    How to post Buying Leads?

    You can visit the home page and click the ‘Post Trade Lead’ button. Then, fill all the requisite details and click on submit button. You can also go to the ‘My Folder’ section and fill the form and click continue, which is the other way to Post Buying Leads.


    How to Edit / Delete Buying Leads?

    Sign in to your account and go to the ‘My Folder’ section, wherein you can visit the Trade Offers link to Edit/Delete Buying Leads.


    How to find suppliers from specific region?

    Maximum convenience of the user is the ultimate aim and therefore, the option of region-specific search is also provided. And, if you do not find the given selection, the option of advanced search is also available.


    How to find Supplier Directory?

    Enter the products in any of the search engines and you would get properly-structured lists of suppliers that may match your requirements.

  • Membership FAQs?



    What is is a rapidly emerging Business Portal for Jewelry and Fashion, along with being an effective interface for several suppliers and buyers related to Jewelry and fashion Industry. For further details about, visit the About Us page.


    What is Premium Membership?

    Having the Premium Membership is a sure-shot guarantee of receiving a good ranking in the search engines. You can draw high quality traffic and are likely to generate fruitful business enquiries if you are a Premium Member.


    What type of Membership is available?

    There are three different types of Membership available. Platinum Membership, Gold Membership and Silver Membership. Please visit Premium Services option for more information on Membership.


    How to get Free Membership?

    As soon as you list yourself and register your business, along with the requisite details, you become a member. All you need to do is enter the details correctly and submit the same, you have successfully acquired the membership.


    Premium Membership Benefits

    Your business and your firm are highlighted if you have acquired the Premium Membership with us. The fact that you are visible on the search engines ensures that you receive channelized business enquiries, and you can reap benefits like profits and hassle-free running. The Premium Membership is also known to help the expansion plans of your business.


    How to Upgrade Membership?

    Download the registration form as well as the terms and conditions. Fill up form with all the requisite details and send the two documents along with the company registration certificate. Make the payments for membership upgradation and you will receive the confirmation regarding the payment along with membership package details.


    How to make Payment?

    You can make the payment in several ways and this flexibility is indeed for your convenience. You can use Net Banking Options and make Online Payments or you can make the payment through cash, cheque or a demand draft, according to your own convenience. Contact us for more details.


    How to Advertise with

    Once you avail the membership, you can post Advertisements and Trade Offers for the buyers through your account. This would bring in Business Enquiries in a highly channelized manner and contribute to the growth of your business.


    How to renew Membership?

    Go to your account and visit the ‘My Advertisements’ section. You can view your membership status and can renew your membership through that section only, by completing the required formalities and submitting the details.

  • My Account FAQs?



    How to Register?

    Fill up the registration form that contains queries regarding personal and corporate information and this serves the major step in the registration process. you must ensure that the details entered are correct and precise.


    Sign In Help/Member Login

    To sign in to your account, click to the ‘Sign In’ link and enter your registered Email ID followed by your password correctly. Click the ‘Sign In’ button and you can then access your account.


    Forgot Password / Email ID

    Click on ‘Sign In’ button and enter your Email ID and click on the ‘Forgot Password’ link. Once you click that link, you can enter your registered Email ID and provide some other specific detail like your phone number to sign in.


    How to change Email ID / Password?

    Sign in to your profile and go to the ‘Change Email ID/User ID’ section. Enter the new Email ID and provide reasons for change. Once you make the changes, log out and sign in to your profile again with the new Email ID. For passwords, go to the ‘Change Password’ section and enter the new password twice for confirmation and submit the changes. Afterwards, log out and sign in again with the new password.


    My Account Features

    Your account lets you manage the entire portfolio and the numerous features include managing your profile and contact details as well as password/Email ID. Further, you can manage your business enquiries as well as edit and change the business listings and product range and services. The Paid Subscriptions and Trade Offers can also be managed and you can provide feedbacks and utilize several other tools as well.


    How to manage Business Inquiries

    Once you have listed your business, you are bound to get enquiries and this section lets you Manage Business Enquiries. You can manage the Trade Leads and Business Enquiries while keeping an overall record of the same, with the option of replying to them as well.


    How to delete account?

    Go to the ‘My Profile’ section and click on the Remove My Account link if you wish to Delete Your Account. But at the same time, you are advised to carefully go through the instruction that precede the account removal.